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Edline is the communication portal between the school and parents of enrolled students. Parents who are new to the school are provided with instructions on how to use Edline, as well as a special activation code.

Edline Login
Edline Help

How to set up your Edline account

To begin using your Edline account right now, just follow these easy steps:

Make sure you have your personal Edline Activation Code. You will get this code from someone at your school or it might be printed at the bottom of this sheet.

Go to (link opens in new window) and Click on ‘Click here if you have a new activation code’. To see pictures and directions of steps 3 and 4, click the Help button at the top of the Edline page. Follow the instructions, or for more information click the ‘Print an account setup guide’ link.

Fill in your Activation Code. Your school may give you one parent code for each child. If you receive several parent codes because you have several children, enter each parent code one after the other. Then you can view all your children’s information from the same login account. If you happen to receive the same code for the same child twice you do not have to enter it again. Click ‘Activate This Code’ once you have entered all codes.

Follow the remaining steps to create your Edline Screen Name and Password. When asked if you already have an account, click ‘New Account’ if this is your first time using Edline. If you already have an Edline account, click ‘Combine Accounts’ to add this child to your existing account.

On the last account activation page, print the ‘Student/Parent Quick-Start Guide’ so you can make the most of Edline. After this, you no longer need your Activation Code — you will always use your Screen Name and Password to access Edline. Don’t share this information with anyone!