Saint Matthew Catholic School 11525 Elm Lane Charlotte, NC


Virgin MaryWelcome to St. Matthew Catholic School! Our community of students and their families, teachers, administrators and support staff take great pride in the school's "family atmosphere" and its purpose to teach the children to live the message of the Gospel, treating others as Christ would.

The faculty and staff members are dedicated individuals who profess a deep commitment to Catholic Education and the development of each child according to his/her God-given talents. In all daily tasks we strive to provide opportunities which will help students develop solid Christian values as well as strong morals and character.

It is our hope that this web site will provide an overview of St. Matthew Catholic School and our quest to offer quality education and knowledge within a faith community. Thank you for your interest in St. Matthew.

Yours in Christ,

Mr. Kevin O’Herron

Mrs. Suzanne Beasley
Assistant Principal